5,387,587 available domains across 37 TLDs.

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  • Access to 5,387,587 domains

  • Access to 37 TLDs

  • Filter domains using TLD, length, prefix and suffix

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  • Alerts for domain names matching filter

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Namergize work?

We utilize GPT to generate brandable, short, easy to remember and easy-to-pronounce domain names for a combination of keywords. Each domain is then checked for availability status.

How often are new domain names generated?

We generate new domain names daily. Every day, a fresh batch of domain name suggestions is made available for you to explore.

Can I register a domain name directly through Namergize?

No, we do not offer domain name registration services. However, we provide you with a link to reputable domain registrars where you can go to complete the registration process.

Can I suggest additional keywords to improve the generated domain names?

Absolutely! We would love your feedback and suggestions to improve the quality of generated domain names. Please feel free to write to us with your feedback and suggestions you may have.